Liuba Grechen Shirley
Democrat for Congress

Liuba Grechen Shirley is running for Congress in New York’s 2nd District in Long Island.

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94 W Main St. Bay Shore, NY 11706

136 W Suffolk Ave. Central Islip, NY 11722

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Long Island Environmental Forum
New York Progressive Action Network
Polly Henry
North Amityville

Liuba’s unselfish attitude is what drew me to her campaign. She is truly a representation of all of us, and she’s open to listening to every voter who wants to speak with her. Liuba is the right candidate for the right time and she has my vote.

Phil Ramos
NY Assemblyman


Thank you for your support.

With your help, I look forward to winning this campaign and serving in Washington as your Congresswoman for the 2nd District of New York.

Laura Curran
Nassau County Executive

[Liuba] stands up, gives a voice to the voiceless, help to the helpless. And that's what we need.

Steve Bellone
Suffolk County Executive

She is one of the most passionate, determined, smart, capable individuals I have ever encountered. 

United Auto Workers
Region 9A

Liuba Grechen Shirley is a strong labor ally, a champion for women, and a fierce fighter for Medicare for All—and the United Auto Workers Region 9A is proud to support her for Congress.​​​

Julie Kushner, Director of UAW Region 9A


Our members are already working hard to support Liuba Grechen Shirley who is committed to standing up for racial and environmental justice, fighting for our immigrant communities, including protection for those with Temporary Protect Status, and to protecting the rights of workers to come together in unions to improve their lives.

Héctor Figueroa, 32BJ President

Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen
General Committee 102
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)
Local 1049
New York State United Teachers (NYSUT)
Sheet Metal Workers’
Local Union 28

I, like millions of others across our great country, am proud to be a union member. As such I take great pride in my craft and the qualified and talented members that make up our Union. Unions have been the building block for quality work from coast to coast. As Union members we are the ones that built the middle class which is the backbone of our great country.


Yet everyday we hear from the leadership in Washington D. C. that our wages and benefits are too high to globally compete. These attacks on unions and working people are repeated by congressional enablers every day. This has to stop and we know with Liuba it will. She has come out strongly against Right to Work laws. That in and of itself is the strongest support that we have ever heard over the past several years. I am proud to say that Sheet Metal Workers’ Local Union 28 is 100% committed to Liuba Gretchen Shirley for Congress.

Kevin Connors, President and Business Manager, Sheet Metal Workers’ Local Union 28

Communications Workers of America (CWA)
District 1

Liuba Grechen Shirley has spent her career advocating for the working people of New York. At a time when unions are under unprecedented attack, we need leaders like Liuba in Congress who prioritize pro-labor issues in the face of powerful corporations and their political allies. Liuba and her family have called Long Island home for five generations, and we're proud to endorse her for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Dennis Trainor, Vice President of CWA District 1

Charles Lavine
NY Assemblyman

Liuba is a fighter for change, who has worked day in and day out on behalf of our community to lift up Long Islanders.


She is a champion for children, for women, for the environment, for functional government – and I am proud to endorse Liuba.

I stand behind Liuba and urge the voters to vote for her as a way to do their part to save our country from those who seek to turn back the clock to a darker time.

Liuba Grechen Shirley is the leader this district needs at this pivotal moment in our nation’s history. Liuba is the champion for women’s rights that we need in Washington right now as Donald Trump and his Supreme Court nominee threaten to take our country backward on choice.

Kathleen Rice
US Representative, NY-4
Elizabeth Warren
US Senator, Massachusetts

Long Island needs a Congresswoman who will hold Washington accountable and stand up to our bully of a President- and Liuba is that leader. Liuba is a national champion for working families and a fierce advocate for affordable healthcare.


We are in the fight of our lives to ensure the policy driving this country reflects our values, and I need a partner like her to join me in Congress.


That's what I'm thrilled to endorse Liuba and to roll up my sleeves and help her flip this district blue. 

Emily's List

I support Liuba because she believes in everyone. She believes in healthcare, women’s rights, helping immigrants, a bright future for all kids.

John Brooks
NY State Senator, District 8

It’s time for change in Washington. We’re looking for change and we’re looking for solutions.

I stand with Liuba 100%.

Liuba Grechen Shirley is exactly the leader we need in Congress right now. Long Islanders deserve a representative who will fight for reproductive rights and abortion access, but her opponent is happy to rubber stamp the oppressive policies of the Trump-Pence Administration. Liuba will stand up for the values of District 2. The NIRH Action Fund PAC is proud to support Liuba Grechen Shirley for Congress.

Andrea Miller, President of the National Institute for Reproductive Health Action Fund PAC

National Institute for Reproductive Health Action

Liuba has already proven that she will not only take on tough fights on behalf of working families – she knows how to win them, too.

Earlier this year, Liuba successfully petitioned the FEC to allow her to use campaign funds to pay for her child care expenses — an important first step in leveling the playing field for moms like her who are running for Congress.

Stephanie Schriock, President Emily's List

One of our movement’s own, Liuba read and used the Indivisible Guide to start the incredibly effective group, New York’s 2nd District Democrats, which now has nearly 3,000 activists in its ranks. 

Jeff Naljotov

I have a severe physical disability and I depend on my Medicaid. Once I lost my coverage and my family nearly went bankrupt trying to pay for my care. I support Liuba because she understands what it’s like to live in a country without universal healthcare. Nobody should have to go through what I went through.

End Citizen's United

These candidates are running campaigns that put the interests of their communities first and they will fight to unrig the system in Washington so that it works for people ‑ not Big Money special interests. We’re proud to endorse them and look forward to helping them win in November.

Tiffany Muller, President of End Citizens United

Lisa Koffsky
West Islip

Liuba understands what’s important for our community and our nation.  Liuba has a proven record showing that she will represent all people no matter their economic, racial, religious background. I am supporting Liuba for Congress because it is time for change, and I believe it is people like Liuba that can make that change.

Kirsten Gillibrand
US Senator, New York

Liuba Grechen Shirley is a progressive champion, a mother of two, a strong advocate for healthcare for all–she is exactly who Long Island families need in Congress. When I was first elected to Congress, I was one of the only women raising two young children. Because of Liuba's landmark FEC victory to use campaign funds for childcare, more working women will now run while raising kids–which means more representatives who know firsthand why we need healthcare for all, paid family leave, and affordable childcare.

Barbara Senzon

I decided to join Liuba Grechen Shirley’s campaign when I met her and listened to her progressive views on the issues that effect our community and the nation as a whole. Liuba is a leader with passion, energy and a genuine belief that change can happen in the 2018 election.

Our Revolution

Liuba rose to the challenge by founding and leading the New York 2nd District Democrats after the presidential election. She's changing the game to make politics more equal for everyone, including a historic victory that will allow congressional campaigns to cover childcare expenses, making it easier for women to run for office.

We look forward to Liuba adding to the number of progressive members of Congress who will fight for Medicare for All, $15 minimum wage, and protecting our environment.

OH State Senator Nina Turner, President of Our Revolution

Working Families Party

Liuba is a tireless progressive, a healthcare champion, and a national leader for working parents–and she will beat Pete King in November.


The Working Families Party is proud to endorse Liuba Grechen Shirley for Congress.

For 25 years, Pete King has put his wealthy donors first. It's time for a Long Island leader who stands up for working families.

Bill Lipton, Director of New York Working Families

Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Liuba Grechen Shirley is a reproductive rights champion, a powerful voice for equality, and a national advocate for women and working parents. For 25 years, Peter King has claimed to represent his district yet he has pushed forward an extremist, anti-choice agenda in Washington...

We know Liuba will be a fierce champion we need in Congress–because she's already been fighting for decades to protect women's rights.

Dawn Laguens, Executive Vice President of PPAF

National Organization for Women

Ms. Grechen Shirley’s professional experience advocating for the economic empowerment of women at home and abroad. We feel confident that Ms. Grechen Shirley’s experience and dedication to women’s most pressing concerns will serve well the women of NY-02.

Julia Fenster, President of Nassau NOW

Arena PAC
Pakistani American Society of New York
Sierra Club

Washington needs a lot of cleaning up, and Liuba is the new leader our communities deserve to represent us in Congress.

Christine Pellegrino
NY Assemblywoman

Liuba is such an intelligent and caring woman who knows the issues that are important and will know how to fight for us us in congress. We appreciate the hard work Liuba is doing to get there and also know the sacrifices she makes everyday giving up precious time with her children. We know Liuba is going to make a difference.

Debby & Fred Langstaff
Andrew Cuomo
Governor of New York

This is a critical moment in our history. We’re going to rise up, fight back and move forward by electing Liuba Grechen Shirley on the way to flipping the House blue.

With leaders like Liuba on our side, I have no doubt we can continue our forward momentum. I’m proud to endorse her run for Congress.

Martin O'Malley
Former Governor of Maryland

I am proud to endorse Liuba Grechen Shirley in her bid for Congress in New York’s 2nd District.


Liuba is exactly the kind of fresh voice we need in Washington. She is a proven leader, both on Long Island as a community organizer and around the world as a development expert.

Her clear understanding of the obstacles facing working families in our country makes Liuba the best choice to represent the people of Long Island.

Chuck Schumer
US Senator, New York

Liuba Grechen Shirley is the champion for working families that Long Island needs in Congress. As an economic development expert and mother of two, she has dedicated her career to women's economic advancement and community development. I'm proud to endorse Liuba Grechen Shirley and look forward to working with her in Congress next year to advance affordable health care, good jobs, and so much more.

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